Cute Cat Monday: The Classic Tale of Ponzu & Ichimi

Happy Monday, folks! This week’s dose of cute is a classic tale of unlikely animal friends (well, an old classic. Lilo and Rosie is a new classic).

Many of you know this image, of Wasabi the kitten:

wasabi kitten


Wasabi was rescued by her owner after surviving a crow attack, and was immediately adored by the resident Golden Retriever of the family, Ponzu.


wasabi kitten2

wasabi kitten 3

wasabi kitten2



Due to her numerous health complications (from aforementioned attack), Wasabi tragically died. Hearts broke around the world, especially on behalf of poor grieving Ponzu-chan:


ponzu grieving wasabi kitten


But don’t throw your phone across the room (or your computer) just yet! All is not lost! Before long, Ponzu’s owner rescued another little kitten, whose fragility and tiny size caused her to be rejected by her mother. For Ponzu (and for all of us), she was a teeny fuzzy angel, sent to heal our collective hearts.


This is the (visual) tale of

Ponzu & Ichimi


ponzu and ichimi


ponzu and ichimi 2


ponzu baby ichimi


ponzu and ichimi 3


ponzu and ichimi 8


ponzu and ichimi 6


ponzu and ichimi 4


ponzu and ichimi 5


ponzu and ichimi 9


ponzu and ichimi grown up


ponzu and ichimi grown up


ponzu and ichimi play


ponzu loves ichimi


Since then, Ponzu has gone on to foster-father dozens of kittens in need. The results are almost too cute to believe.


ponzu and foster cats


Follow the sweetest Golden this world has ever known, and his adorable feline family on Instagram, here.



More cuteness in store next week—stay tuned! Hope you have a fantastic week. Cuddle a kitten or two for me. :]




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  1. Sabina says:

    There are not adequate words to describe all that cuteness!!

    1. Why Cat Why says:

      Haha I know! I have to pace myself looking through their feed, or I might pass out.

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