Liebster Awards and a spot of Q&A!

Sita the cat

Sita loves being nominated for things. Like naps.


I was nominated by Chirpy Cats for a Liebster Award. (Thanks so much, Chirpy Cats!) Essentially, it’s an opportunity for new bloggers to branch out, get to know their blogging community via Q&A, and nominate others. Fun times, and what a swell idea.









Questions for nominees:

  • What’s the thing you enjoy most about blogging?

Getting to dedicate time every day to write, research, and stare at my cats. They are my inspiration, whether they like it or not. There’s so much about the little critters that we don’t understand—it’s part of their charm! And I love writing about them.


  • What prompted you to start blogging?

I found myself looking to dozens of different cat sites for information about my furry little roommates, seeking answers both trivial and gravely important. After a while I figured, why not create my own resource site?


  • What is your idea of a dream vacation?

Hm…Something mountain-y and adventurous. Like hiking the entire Appalachian trail in one go. That’s actually been a lifelong dream of mine.


  • When given a choice of movies what’s your cup of tea? Horrors, dramas, crime or comedy?

Dramedy. Nothing like a bit of dry, deadpan, black humor!


  • Your second favourite animal, other than your pet?

Elephants! I love elephants. Been fascinated with them since childhood.


  • What do you consider the most important meal of the day and why?

Late night ice cream in front of the TV. I look forward to it with unhealthy enthusiasm.


  • What is your pet peeve?

Hmm…. Nothing about my pets could peeve me. (Jk I know what pet peeve means!) Probably when my socks slip down to the arches of my feet when I’m walking, and then I have to stop and take my boot off and tug my sock back up. UGH. Just thinking about it makes me quiver with rage…


  • Are you a chirpy morning person or a night owl?

Night. Owl. My cats like to try and wait up for me, but usually they’re fast asleep before I’ve even started yawning. That’s right—I’m a bigger night owl than crepuscular (new cat term alert!) felines.


  • Do you have any phobias?

Not really… Although I will say I am not fond of cockroaches. They’re so…scuttle-y.


  • Which one would you rather do, the cooking or the grocery shopping?

Both! But the cleaning up…my husband can do that bit. :]



This part is a WIP, since I’m brand spanking new to the kitty blogosphere. But I’ll build up a list soon!


That’s all for now, folks. Check back again soon!



Whew, time for a nap!





(New content goes up about once a month!)



  1. Chirpycats says:

    Hilarious responses, I enjoyed reading them, thanks for sharing! Oh and ditto about the night owl bit, my cats await in frustration for me to come to bed. By the time I tuck in, they’ve already taken over my spot, sound asleep. I then have to practice my contortionist skills and squeeze into the small space that’s left for me, trying not disturb my little masters!

    1. Why Cat Why says:

      Lol I’m the exact same. I’d never kick them off the bed, even if I’m resigned to teetering on the edge about to fall off! :p

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