Cute Cat Monday: Cats and Babies, round 2

Happy Monday, cat lovers!

Hope you had a restful weekend. And if not, don’t forget that weekdays can be restful too. It’s all about perspective.

It’s been a while since we’ve had the blisteringly cute pairing of cats and babies on the site, so it’s time to fix that! Without further ado:


Two British Shorthairs and their teeny humans


3byeol2 9 copy

The front and back end of mer-baby.


3byeol2 5

Two resting podlings.


3byeol2 3


3byeol2 2

Feets n’ paws.


3byeol2 7

The gremlins in question.


3byeol2 8


3byeol2 9


3byeol2 1

Wherever there are babies, there is bound to be spilled milk.


3byeol2 4

Still waiting on that spilled milk…


3byeol2 6

Ah well. I suppose a nap in our new cat condo will have to do.


3byeol2 16


Bonus: Videos!




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  1. Sabina says:

    Absolutely too cute!!!

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