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cat peering over table

Why, indeed?

It’s a question that plagues all cat owners. Or perhaps just me, because I’m insatiably curious and cats are unfailingly strange.


I’ve been a cat owner for a little over 6 years, and still find myself googling things like “why is my cat force-grooming my face, and should I return the favor?”

Over the years I’ve amassed a considerable amount of cat knowledge (and cat things—seriously, you should see my apartment. It’s more cat jungle gym than proper human abode) and created this blog to document it all. After all, cat-fueled insanity a healthy understanding of the feline species is better when shared.


All this fantastical cat knowledge has been broken down into 4 main CATEGORIES:



    • Everything you’ve ever wondered about why cats do the weird things they do. And how to get them to stop, by force if necessary. (I kid)
  • HOW TO
    • My best tried-and-true tips for wrangling life with cats, ranging from peaceful multi-kitty cohabitation to DIY cat gear projects
    • Honest reviews & rankings of absolutely necessary cat things, like kibble, litter, & kitten mittens*
    • My favorite (completely unnecessary, yet utterly delightful) cat gifts, accessories, and more
  • MISC
    • Random news, stories, and deep kitty thoughts (i.e, nonsensical rambling)
*While I will sometimes use affiliate links for products I personally use and love, I will never post sponsored content or paid reviews/endorsements. That’s just tacky.



From there, I’ve broken down the categories even further into TOPICS, which you can peruse at your leisure in the sidebar —>

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If you have a specific, burning cat question you need answered, employ any of our nifty search bars. —>

And that’s it! Easy peasy. :]



A little history

I haven’t always been a crazy cat human. Forgive my blasphemy, but I never particularly liked cats for my first, oh, twenty-four-odd years on this earth…until one unexpectedly stumbled into my life.

The year was 2011, and the climate temperate and smog-infused. (I was living in Shanghai at the time.) I saw a man handing out stray, flea-ridden kittens he’d found on the roadside. When I snuck over for a closer look, an emaciated brown poof the size of my fist lifted its head, unfurling an enormous pair of kiwi-green peepers in my direction. I never stood a chance.

Her name is Sita, and she’s been ruling my life with an iron fist (okay, with a flurfy paw) since that day.



A few years later, my husband and I adopted another little honey baked ham. His name is Pippin, and his hobbies include:

  • Being impossibly adorable while possessing only a few brain cells
  • Purring at nothing in particular
  • Sleeping on top of important documents



And me? Head over to my very first blog post if you’d like to know a little more about me, the writer!


Now that we’re all friends, stay a while! Get some cat hair on that black sweater of yours.


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