Cute Cat Monday: A Symphony of Round

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Good morning from Seattle! That’s right, I’ve moved. Farewell New York City, hello Emerald City!

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted in a while (it undoubtedly keeps you up at night), that’ll be the reason. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Why Cat posts soon enough. But don’t worry—come rain or hellfire, your weekly Monday Cute will never fail you.

Today’s cat therapy is brought to you by one of my favorite shapes of all time: round. Side note: ever heard that joke: “I am in shape. Round is a shape.” ? It’s kind of my motto.

Here to demonstrate that timeless philosophy are about 15 of my closest friends:


The Roundest Cats on the Internet


round cat 4
Here, Fluffkins demonstrates a perfect “Arctic Firefox” round.


Chester takes it a bit more nontraditional, with the aid of a handy dutch oven.



Stormy shows great promise with his utilization of a dog’s food bowl.



The student.. and the master.


round cat 8


round cat 7


round cat 7


round cat 6

A basket: the perfect template for achieving round.


two round cats

I see your round, and raise you a double round.


round cat 5

A masterful round. Truly transcendent.


round cat 3


round cat 2
round cat 1
cat sleeping in basket

Mittens hasn’t quite mastered the singularity known as round, but give him time.
He’ll learn.


Bonus tidbit – My very own Sita and Pippin, demonstrating their own proficiency with round.



I have trained them well.



Tune in next week for more face-melting cuteness! Guaranteed to give you at least five full days of waking up with perfect hair.




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  1. Us cats sure know how to curl up.

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