Your Monday Cute: Stray kitten hunts down a human to call her own

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Cats are survivors. I heard once that while dogs were domesticated by man, cats seemingly chose to domesticate themselves. “Hold the goddamn phone…” they thought, “Why keep grinding out in the sticks, when I can just be extra adorable and have these giant, hairless apes do all the work for me?

And so began kitty’s dominion over all mankind.

Personally, I don’t mind my feline overlords. Sure, they’re about as useful as a bag of rocks on a sinking ship, but cats have never served a utilitarian purpose in the lives of humans (other than perhaps to hunt disease-carrying vermin). They don’t herd livestock. They don’t fetch the mail. They certainly don’t pull carriages. Nevertheless, our lives would be sad and grey without them in it.

Anyway, back to my point! Kitty self domestication and their subsequent enslavement of mankind. You want to see this phenomenon in action, you say?

Here it is, in all its heart-wrenching glory:


Vell, The Kitty Who Chose Her Own Human


Kawasaki Hina, our unsuspecting human victim, strolls through a park one day. He records the following encounter –



A homeless kitty, desperate to be taken home and cared for.


I’m happy to report that Hina obliged.

hina cat 14


Once safely home, she conks out immediately. Mission accomplished.

hina cat 00


Nowadays, she spends her time partaking in a few of kittykind’s favorite activities:


hina cat 11

Like climbing on top of things.


hina cat2

Taking naps.


hina cat 4

Getting into mischief.


Kawasaki Hina Vell cat

Watching TV.


hina cat 1

Being in the way.


hina cat 10

And of course, being mind-numbingly adorable.


hina cat 9


hina cat 12


hina cat 5



You’ve come a long way, brave little kitty. :]


hina cat 7



“She is like family to me,” said Hina.

“I think she also loves me. We’ll be together forever.”




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Have a great Monday, folks.

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    That is totally adorable!!!

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